TAFE 5900 DI 4WD


Differential lock, square bonnet, flat top fenders, foot throttle, hand parking brake, vertical exhaust, toolbox, spring suspension seat, swinging draw bar, chain stabiliser kit, instrument cluster with Hour-Cum-RPM meter, coolant temp. gauge, fuel gauge, turn indicator, hazard warning indicator, high beam indicator, battery charge indicator, low oil pressure indicator, low fuel indicator, high temp. indicator, front weight frame, swinging draw bar


Make/Type:Simpson S443, till 4 stroke inline water cooled direct injection, diesel engine

Cylinders:4 Cylinder

Bore/Stroke:91.4 / 127mm

Cubic Capacity:3.33 litres

Air Cleaner:Oil bath

Cooling:Pressurised water cooling

Starting Aid:Thermostat (optional)

Fuel (Injection Pump:MICO Inline Pump

Rated Engine hp:86kw at 2050rpm as per BS Au 141 a 1971


Fuel Tank: 70 Litres

Engine Lub.Oil: 10.5 Litres

Cooling System: 18 Litres

Transmission - Hydraulic Systems: 44 Litres

Hydraulic Steering Reservoir: 1.9 Litres

Fuel Injection Cambox: 0.5 Litres


Overall width: 2 000mm

Overall height: 2 450mm (top of silencer)

Wheelbase: 2 030mm

Min. ground clearance: 420mm (below gearbox)

Turning Circle with Brake: 3 650mm

Net Weight: 2 550kg

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